Evoking The Aroma and Flavor of a Magical Place.

In 2006, the Nichol family named their land Ghost Oak Truffiere as a tribute to the stately oaks which, when enshrouded by morning fog rolling in off the Blue Ridge Mountains, take on a solitary, ghostlike appearance.

Seasons come distinctly, yet gently to this mysterious Dark Corner of the Carolinas. The uniquely temperate climate is the result of an isothermal inversion, a rare natural phenomenon occurring along the Blue Ridge escarpment. This phenomenon also lends itself to the production of some of the world’s most elusive and flavorful truffles.

Land ideally suited to cultivation is rarely selected by men, but by the truffles themselves. Ghost Oak has what the French call Terroir Noir in great abundance. Terroir Noir is a term that takes on near-mystical meaning. Roughly translated, it refers to both the agricultural capacity of the land as well as the activities and practices that give the land its character and Ghost Oak Truffles their extraordinary nuance.


150 Years After Its Introduction, The Truffle Is Arriving In North America.

The fragrance is unmistakable. The flavor is diabolically seductive. The truffle has been described as “the diamond of the kitchen.” Nearly 150 years after its introduction in Europe, truffles are capturing the imagination of a continent and tempting a burgeoning new world of chefs, foodies and lovers of haute cuisine.

Rare, earthy, exquisite, intense—arguably even erotic, the mysterious truffle is a subterranean fungus or form of mushroom that, until recently, was grown primarily in France as well as Italy and Spain. Enigmatic and mysterious, the truffle is poised to become accessible to an exponentially wider market in much the same way wine became more accessible decades ago. This could only occur when vineyards were successfully cultivated outside of Europe.

Ghost Oak Truffiere is positioned to lead development of the truffle in North America and play a prominent role in the delicacy’s surging popularity. Not only are we determined to produce the finest product available, we are committed to the education of consumers, chefs and growers with regard to history and mystique of a rare and magnificent delicacy. For information or investment opportunities call: 864.313.9595 or email joenichol@ghostoaktruffiere.com.

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